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Amruta Scan Center

"Amruta Scan Center" is conveniently located in Sushruta Multispeciality Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. P.B. Road, Hubli. In view of the ever evolving demand for Hi-tech diagnostics, we have setup an exclusively dedicated center "Amruta Scan Center" to cater to this growing need.At Amruta Scan Centre, you can find the latest in diagnostic imaging and laboratory equipments under one roof.

It is "One Stop Destination for diagnostic facilities"

Amruta Scan Center places patients at the highest priority and is equipped with 24 hours services and free ambulance facility.

The facilities available in Amruta Scan Center :

  • Whole Body MRI Scan
  • Whole Body Spiral CT Scan
  • High End Ultrasound with 3D / 4D facilities
  • Computerized X-Ray
  • CT Angiography
  • Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy
  • Colour Doppler
  • Hi-Tech Laboratory for all routine blood investigations
  • Echo Cardiography
  • Tread Mill Test / ECG


The new Hitachi MRI Airis 2 is a breakthrough in field of technology with an open configuration , the open system architecture gives not only a feeling of security but also has considerable merits for taking care of small children & elderly patients . High image quality helps to visualize almost all body parts with 100% accuracy.


The Helical (Spiral) CT Scanner in Amruta Scan Center is an advanced, State of the Art 4 slice Volume Scanner, a product of GE company (QXI 4 Slice). Along with all routine scans of head, thorax, abdomen & pelvis, it is possible to do Angiography (Study of blood vessels after injection of contrast), 3-D reconstruction with volume rendering display and multi-planar reformation. The use of GE windows advantage workstation with Advanced Software support further increases and perfects the quality of the images obtained.


The HD9 Philips sonography unit is high end , state of the art equipment providing ultimate image quality . It is possible to do 3D and 4D ( Real time 3- D ) studies . Along with all routine examinations of the abdomen , obstetric , soft tissue studies and doppler studies , it is possible to perform excellent musculo-skeletal studies.Ultra sound guided procedures and CT guided procedures such as abcess drainage , fine needle aspiration and biopsies are performed by skilled personnel with personal care. The reports will be dispersed at the earliest.


All X-Rays are done with modern Fuji CR system . This gives clear images with better contrst . Post processing eliminates the need for re-exposures.


The Endoscope at Amruta scan center is tha advanced flexible endoscope where super slim insertion tube diameters and unsurpassed imaging technology are brought together for the first time , by Fujinon. The G5 TM Endoscope comes with a high standard electronic video endoscope with newly designed 2200 processor with xenon lamp for bright , clear & sharp images with blood vessel enhancement function(BLV) & instant magnification of high resolution images . The endoscope has newly developed grip and low torque angulation controls which contribute to optimal scope maneuverability and brings comfort to the patients as well.

Also colonoscopy and Broncho scopy facilities are available.




Amruta Scan center provides complete cardiology services including ECG, Echocardiography and Treadmill ( Stress) tests.

Echocardiography ia a non-invasive & simple way of looking at heart , valves of heart & pumping function of heart can be directly visualized and accurately assessed. Any previous episodes of heart attacks can be made out.Also birth defects in heart and holes in walls of heart can be assessed.

TMT - Treadmill test is an exclusive test where ECG is monitored while person is walking on the treadmill. It can detect blocks in coronary arteries ( Vessels supplying blood to heart) in apparently healthy individuals & in people with chest pain /heart disease.